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It gives me great pleasure to announce being conferred as an Honorary Brand Ambassador for

Italian Luxury brand Montegrappa.

Timothy John Montegrappa Ambassador

“When Timothy first approached me with his idea of creating unique pieces for Montegrappa,
I must say I was intrigued.

The concept of hand painted pens is not new,

but Timothy’s approach to it, most definitely was.

He admitted that he was not a miniaturist nor was he interested in creating perfectly detailed pieces

with the use of magnifying lenses,

he explained to me that he wanted his work for Montegrappa, to have the passion,

the emotion and the physicality of his work on large canvases.

Timothy is a great artist, with a great vision and an appetite for new ideas,

his enthusiasm is contagious, so, how could I say no?

Created by the artist’s hand, in his atelier

and are the only pieces of their kind existing in the world,

a treasure for the true collector of objets d’art.

We are delighted to have Timothy creating for us, and we look forward to 

future collaborations between Montegrappa and this great artist."

Giuseppe Aquila - CEO of Elmo & Montegrappa, S.p.A.

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