Jodie Comer

Award winning and critically acclaimed British Actress.

Gianfranco Aquila

Doyen of style and luxury. Patriarch and Chairman of Montegrappa Italia.


Critically acclaimed Boston-born and Los Angeles-based Haitian-American musical artist, mistress of the beats and rapper.



Jackie, from our local café
with the looks of a Renaissance beauty. Occasionally a person comes along with beauty so captivating,

I just need to draw it.

This was the case with Jackie.

Ellen Barkin

This is a study I did of my dear

friend, American actress, producer and activist, Ellen Barkin. The full drawing was damaged, again caused by my tremors, when I knocked over a bottle of blue ink,

while reaching for a brush.

After my initial anger at being so clumsy, I came to like the 'look' of the blue spill, as it seemed to echo the 'attitude'

of this wonderful woman.

Ricky (fucking) Gervais

Stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician, presenter and author.
I got a bad case of tremors during this drawing and messed up Ricky's face!...in frustration and temper I put the big red cross through it.
I decided to leave it like this.
The title reflects what I was muttering at the time!


Naomi Campbell

Super Model and Fashion icon.