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 - Portfolio Two -


By Mario Squillacioti

Allow me to introduce my dear, dear friend Timothy John – creator extraordinaire!
Tim is so talented – but so humble.

If his humility was inversely correlated to his skill,

he would be Banksy or Damien Hirst for people who lacked vulgarity of the soul.


Timothy John is from Adelaide, Australia (as opposed to North Dakota!) Tim possesses what I think of as “the immaculate eye”; his eye can capture nuances of a scene that you wouldn’t normally associate with ‘sight’. His years of disciplined work allow him to translate the images the immaculate eye captures and translate them his work.

A simple landscape is a simple landscape – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all… NOT SO FAST! Tim doesn’t just capture the curvature of the coast or the browning of the trees in fall. Tim captures the true essence of a moment in his landscape work. (I’m struggling here… think… THINK!)

A boring landscape captures the stuff you can see. Tim captures what it feels like to go out for a long, long walk while thinking of a difficult situation – and the feeling of revelation when you look up from your trouble to find the answer to your problem IN the sunset. It isn’t just what you saw that time walking on the sand – it was how you felt – it was the renewed sense of optimism that came to you when you forgot a nagging problem. THAT is what Tim’s landscape paintings make me feel.

… the portraiture goes far, far, far beyond that.

Tim and I have been friends for a long time online (we’ve never met!) We’ve collaborated on ideas; mostly me saying “geez – wouldn’t it be great if there were an X Y Z…” and Tim actually designing it or drawing it.

Tim designs pens. He’s a brand ambassador for Montegrappa. He spearheaded their campaign with Fox Parkinson’s Research. He designed a set of unique pens “La Quattro Stagioni” that I got to watch develop over time (I couldn’t afford to buy them mind!)

Tim designs watches, jewelry, leather goods … if you asked Tim to design you a tank or a helicopter I’m 100% confident he could do it. (- Wink Wink! LDV-)

Tim is another guy that I want to get on a podcast or vlog to riff for a while. He’s deep and dynamic. We can go from rancid jokes to Italian poetry in the span of a few moments. He’s been everywhere. He’s seen everything… and he captures it all in that immaculate eye.

PLEASE take a moment to visit Tim’s website or to follow him on social media.
He’s the real deal. 


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